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Want to promote your business to the community? Contact us today at

Turn your business into a must-visit destination by signing up to offer the newsletter at your location. Customers will make it part of their routine to stop by your business for the latest issue of the newsletter.

We’ll make sure that you’ll always have the latest issue of the newsletter for your customers. We will either mail or hand-deliver the newsletter at the beginning of each month.

Opening a new business? Organizing a festival? Send us your community-related announcements! The publication cutoff is the 15th of every month. Community-related announcements that are 100 words or less are published free of charge.

The printed community newsletter goes out to over 5,000 homes in Columbia Heights and Park View. Our goal is to promote local businesses by offering effective, affordable advertising. Our in-house designer will work with you create an eye-catching ad.

  • Specs for Ad Submission
    PDF preferred. All fonts should be outlined or embedded. Flatten art. Optimized for high quality print or press. If you want ad to print to the edge, add .125” (bleed) to your design on all edges. (Example: Single ad: PDF size should be 4.5” x 3.25”) Make sure all text is within 1/4” space from trim edges. 
    Single ad space: 4.25”w X 3”h, starting at $400
    Double ad space: 4.25”w X 6”h, starting at $700
  • Custom Design
    For an additional cost, we can create the ad for you. Please note limitations of the ad space; the amount of copy in order for it to be legible. Keep the messaging and copywriting concise and appropriate for the space! We will make the best effort to make your ad legible and appealing. Include in the email request: copy or offer, graphics such as logo or photo. Extra graphic design, stock photos, or complex correction(s) may incur additional charges. We will notify you beforehand.
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